Philipp was born on 9th of September, in Regensburg, a Bavarian city in southeast Germany that is listed by the UNESCO as a World Heritage City.


Philipp showed a great passion to piano since childhood and just then he pursued developing and growing his talent where he joined the Regensburger Domspatzen (one of the most famous boys' choirs in the world) and received his Musical Education at the College of Catholic Church Music and Musical Education in Regensburg (HfKM), the oldest institution of its kind in the world.


Throughout his education, Philipp was fortunate to receive his Organ training by Regensburger Cathedral organist Prof. Franz Josef Stoiber.


Furthermore, his talent development has been formed and influenced by great fellows: emeritus diocesan church music director Erich Weber, the Domkapellmeistern Georg Ratzinger, Georg Büchner, the piano teachers Heribert Ackermann, Konrad Pfeiffer and Elisabeth März to name a few.


The audience has been listening to Philipp the Organist since his teenage years. He accompanied choirs, instrumentalists and soloists in different occasions.


Philipp does perform as organist and choirmaster in several parishes to date.

Furthermore, he recently focused on designing weddings, private and corporate events.


Also he performed at varied avenues in Germany and internationally, thereby gathering invaluable experience and perfecting his interpretation for an everlasting music entertainment.


Philipp the pianist is in great demand where he plays weekly in prestigious hotels and resorts.